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What people are saying about Stepping Stones Early Childhood Learning Center...

"Stepping Stones has really helped educate my son. He will be prepared for kindergarten next year!"
Ms. Dismuke

"I am really pleased with the staff at Stepping Stones. They make sure the kids are safe as well as teach them valuable lessons everyday." 

Mrs. Durosimni 

I love that the program at Stepping Stones Early Childhood Learning Center allows children to learn through creative activities in the areas of science, math, art, dramatic play, and aesthetics.  The teachers are experienced in the field of Early Childhood Education and continue to update their knowledge by attending workshops and taking continuing education classes.  My child enjoys going to school each and every day and talks about the things that they do in class at home all the time.

Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication.

Ms. Bieasa Hyde

"I feel that Stepping Stones Early Childhood Learning Center is a rose in the middle of the desert. It is located on the corner of 75theand Kimbark, on the Southside of Chicago, and provides a home away from home for children from 15 months to five years of age. The staff is very nurturing, which gives parents an ease of not having to worry if their child is in capable hands.

We boast on a creative curriculum, which allows children to learn in a less stressful way. What I like best about our program is, it predominately provides a place for working parents and parents that attend school themselves, to leave their children in a school that they can rest assure will provide their children with well rounded preschool education.

What I like best about their program is it provides a place for working parents and parents that attend school themselves to leave our children.  MY child is receiving a well rounded pre-school education there.

Thanks to al lthe staff at SSECLC.  Keep up the good work!

Ms. Shaquia Williams


Thank you for the positive meeting on Thursday November 7th.  I wanted to commend you for providing me with many concrete answers to help my grandson be successful and on track academically.  I especially like the book, "The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos."  I purchased our own book for $35, so I am working along side of what you are providing at Stepping Stones.

After reviewing the book, I agree with you, Mrs. Davidson, regarding me working ahead of schedule, instead of where Jordan-Amman (JA) is right now academically and emotionally.  I did not realize that I was expecting 36-44 month old developmental skills instead of 24 month-old skills.  So Granny C, (Me) will slow her role and focus on where he should be right now, instead of working ahead of advanced skills.  Thank you for pointing this out to me, because you know that I am trained for secondary teaching and not primary teaching skills.

I also ordered the books Ms. Thornton educated me about, which are "How do you make a baby smile?" and "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus."  We also bought two other books by Mo Willems, the same author from the later book for JA's personal library and reinforcement of what has been taught to him by his teachers.  These books can be purchased for a penny (1 cent) on, and perhaps other parents may want to build a library at this low cost.  We also called the Chicago Public Library and found out that the first book, (Make a baby smile) is not even in the library system in the South Side branches.  We called four local libraries (including the new one at Grand Crossing) and they do not carry the books or videos that you have at Stepping Stones, but they are on the North Side!  They also have the educational DVDs of Mo Willems' books in the library system.

I was very disappointed that African American authors are not being taught, but you explained to me that cultural events will be covered with Kwanzaa and Black History events.  I would like to be present for the Kwanzaa program and may you please share the date with?  JA will learn the Black National Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner and be able to sing both, as his mother plays it to him on the piano and violin.  Mrs. Davidson, JA will begin his violin lessons very soon (2014), and YES, I do expect for him to be able to play the Black National Anthem on his violin before first grade.

We did not discuss the clothing replacement, but I was assured that it would be addressed at a later date.  We will meet again, when JA is a solid two-years old or 26-28 months old, to reevaluate his skills and progress level.  I did follow through and donate the blankets to the Yellow Jackets on November 7th, and will be able to volunteer with a future field trip if I am given two weeks advanced notice.

Thank you for your time and interest in my grandson's development on all levels.

Gratefully yours,

Cassiette West-Williams (aka Granny C.) JA's Grandmother


When Jordan-Amman (JA) was initially admitted to Stepping Stones Early Childhood Learning Center at 13 months-old, he was very anti-social and disliked participating in any activities with other children.  He is an only child and the only grandchild, so JA assumed that everyone would spoil him.  This tradition was not so at Stepping Stones, as his very caring teachers, (Ms. Alva Robinson and Ms. Erica Watkins) gently pushed him out of his stubborn ways.  He stopped hanging on to Ms. Robinson's pant leg and learned social, emotional, physical and interactive skills that introduced him to a world full of interpersonal activities.  JA learned to listen closely to the stories that Ms. Robinson read to him.  He followed Ms. Robinson's educational instruction with the flash cards, which made us purchase cards for him to play with at home.  JA has been taught to share toys and work towards being unselfish with his classmates.

Just last week, JA yelled out the letter "B" to Ms. Watkins, as she instructed the children with the alphabet.  JA recognizes pronouns, such as "he", "she" and "me", as Ms. Watkins taught her class basic vocabulary.  JA gladly likes to pretend to read books and display his knowledge learned from Stepping Stones, and he is not even two years-old.

Ms. Watkins encourages JA's interaction with his peers.  Ms. Watkins is consistent with the discipline that she uses to redirect JA's mischievous ways and makes him behave.  JA knows that there are consequences for his choices, but Ms. Watkins is kind and gently teaches him that he must be accountable for his actions.  We like the community forum that has been established at Stepping Stones because there is a good comfort level among parents, children, staff members and administration.

Due to the positive love, compassion and care that JA receives from his two primary teachers, we believe that he will be prepared for the 21st century as a learner and contributor to the world.

We are grateful and humbled by JA's participation and inclusion of programs at Stepping Stones Academy.


Tamer Lee L. Williams, JA's mother